Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where In The World Is............

...Mario Borelli
...Mario Waters
...Slam Sizzle
...Mario Long

[Yes, I know them all. LOL!]

Looks like the hung hunk is in Dubai to me. Just a guess on my part. Regardless of locale or whether he's vacationing, filming, or having a rendezvous with some rich oilman - I want to see some fresh new images and video media of this beefy big dick hunk.

Where are you Mario? Delight us with some new images your phatness.

Hey Mario.....How about starting your own blog?

Phat Sighting

I have the best readers - always looking out for the best images and media for me to post. Here's another "phat sighting" (as I will call it), sent to me by a regular reader of Phat Brothas. He chose to remain anonymous to other readers, but oh yes, thanks for the hook up.

It appears to be recent, but below is a somewhat grainy and silent video of a more ripped Mario. Lord Ham Have Mercy!! Our favorite Internet beefcake is carved up with muscles galore. No shrinkage here. Always wearing underwear well, he teases viewers in his red briefs gift basket. I heard he did a live video on either Musclehunks.com or Powermen.com? I wonder if the video is from that live appearance?

See more video here.


kezo said...

i know he is such a hunk! - wow is all i will say i only knew 2 names lol i want more of him and big lou! :)

Gummi Bare said...

How have you been over here? I hope you've been staying out of trouble.

Anonymous said...

Finer than Ed Hartwell in the speedo, and that's sayin' sumthin'!