Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cowboy Troy

At 6'5, 200-and-something pounds Cowboy Troy is huge in many ways - height, width, and miscellaneous (Hint: just look at the video below long enough and you'll get it). about raw hide.

While performing on stage, this big boned brotha gyrates his hips as good as any average-sized man. Check out the video below. While you might not be able to make out a word he's saying because the video looks as if it was made by a small digital camera, actions movements speak louder than words.

Cowboy Troy was born Troy Coleman (December 18, 1970) in Victoria, Texas 90 miles south of Houston, Texas, but was raised in the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas area. He graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in psychology.

Although his music is a little eccentric for my music tastes, on May 17, 2005 Cowboy Troy released his first major-label solo album, Loco Motive. Then he released Black in the Saddle in 2007.

Cowboy Troy is the innovator of 'Hick-Hop'. His music is a combination country, hip-hop and rock, and he is known to spit a rap in the middle of a country tune. Coleman grew up in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area listening to country artists (Charlie Daniels, Jerry Reed, Kenny Rogers), rock artists (ZZ Top, KISS, Boston and the Eagles) and rap artists (Run DMC and LL Cool J) who subsequently influenced his style of music.

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