Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jerome Bettis

As one of pro football's stellar athletes, Jerome Bettis is now a commentator for NBC Sports. His NFL nickname is The Bus for obvious reasons. Bettis can be seen on NBC's Sunday Night Football. The 5-10, 275lbs King-sized brotha, finished his career after 13 seasons as the 5th leading rusher in NFL history.

After earning a Super Bowl ring in 2006 with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bettis retired from the NFL. He announced his retirement in his hometown of Detroit on the Super Bowl XL champions' podium. Bettis founded The Bus Stops Here Foundation to aid underprivileged children and is an advocate for asthma awareness. (Source)

Wanna ride The Bus?

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JHM said...

He is the ultimate!