Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Frank "The Big Hurt" Thomas

Years ago while visiting Chicago, I saw a life-sized image of Frank Thomas plastered on a building near downtown Chicago. Since then, I have had an interest in The Big Hurt. Considering last Sunday was Opening Day for Major League Baseball, it is only fitting that I show Frank "The Big Hurt" Thomas some love by plastering his images here.

Height/Weight: 6-5/275 | Birthdate: 05/27/1968 | Birthplace: Columbus, GA | Team: Oakland | College: Auburn | MLB Experience: 19 | Salary: $12,560,000


Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...

Y'know I've been following 'ball a long time and I don't remember this player at all. Whew! Thanks for bringing him to my attention.

Is he still playing? I see he'll be 41 this year, which is old for baseball. He's still hot no matter what age, though.

Phat Boy said...

Thomas was still in the League as of last season. There have been rumors of him possibly retiring. But this year he is a free agent.

Also, Barry Bonds is 4 years older than Frank Thomas, and Bonds is still playing. (See the last photo of them together)

Frank Thomas is one of the biggest men in baseball.