Friday, May 8, 2009

Phat Friday: Hidden Camera Freakin'

Two thick brothas getting their freak on. Now which one do you think set up the camera?

Fellas, always be cautious with the one you're (p)laying.


Anonymous said...

All that F!@#$% is too much for one butt hole to handle. And plus he was too fast and too rough. I mean D$%&

Anonymous said...

I think the bottom set it up lol

Anonymous said...

That's some good porn.

You know that bottom had to set that up. Top man didn't look like he had a clue he was on cam.

Anonymous said...

hi .. me again ..
this one has me so piqued - but the vid is not playing .. i must ask, Can some one send me a link to download this please ???

please guys ... thanks :)
Brotha Ermac