Sunday, August 9, 2009

Get Rich Wallpaper

Normally, I don't like gangster biopics and movies, but last night I watched on B.E.T. the 2005 movie, "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" featuring rapper and actor 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson). It was my first viewing of the film. I was impressed by 50's acting. Surprisingly, it was convincing. The film, of course, also gave some insight about 50's tough life.

I discovered through research that ethnically 50 Cent is 50% Native Black American (father), 25% Haitian and 25% Jamaican (mother), which helped to explain characters in the movie.

Ultimately though, because this blog is about "phat brothas", I couldn't help but notice 50's girth - particularly in shirtless scenes.


Anonymous said...

I like a balanced man from top to bottom. With 50, I always think he's hiding a flat ass and skinny legs, b/c he never shows anything below the waist.

Anonymous said...

No..if you see the full prison shower scene Get Rich or Die Trying, you would see that 50 is thick from front to back, top to bottom. And no, the ass is nice and phat! So is the dick.