Thursday, August 20, 2009

Phat and Skinny

The photos show music artist Amy Winehouse with her FINE ASS bodyguard, Neville. In the first set, Amy and Neville were spotted taking a recent stroll in St. Lucia. Gossip has it that she is/was involved in a fling with Neville.

Unfortunately, Winehouse, like Whitney Houston, succumbed to a really bad drug addiction over recent years. Winehouse was a fairly attractive woman before she became an addict. Check out the amazing before and after photos here.

Maybe Amy could get some recovery/comeback pointers from Whitney.

My Amy Winehouse Playlist
1. Mr. Magic
2. You Sent Me Flying
3. In My Bed
4. Some Unholy War
5. Love Is A Losing Game
6. You Know I'm No Good
7. Tears Dry On Their On
8. Fool's Gold
9. I Heard Love Is Blind

Note: Look at Neville's footwear in the last photo. Dude has some big feet.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for changing the header pic at the top of the page. I hated the other pic of the dudes at the beach.

Dude is cute, but I can't see him hittin' that at all. He needs to take his sexual frustration out of me! Amy Winehouse is too frail.

Thanks for the before/after pics of her, b/c I never knew what she looked like before becoming a crack addict.