Friday, November 20, 2009

Phat Friday: Matthew Rush and Cornbread

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I have not seen one adult video with Matthew Rush - unless he was flying solo - until now. His videos were too "Hollywood" (not a racial reference) for me. Much is being made out of Matthew Rush's decision to leave his lifetime contract at Falcon Studios behind. Lots of controversy. I have mixed feelings about the controversy. Although Matthew is bi-racial, it seems like one studio used him up and "white washed" him (so to speak, for the most part) - or maybe he whitewashed himself. Who knows. But I say, "good riddance" to Falcon and welcome to ethnic adult film, Matthew; even though it took you a long damn time. Change it up. I guess better later than never.

In the clip above, Matthew and "Cornbread" get busy. Unfortunately, however, the whole clip is hard to find. Cornbread and Matthew actually "flip-flop" in the full scene produced by Papithugz - and it is major.


Matthew said...

I'm not sure why they literally spent 9 minutes building a lame backstory, but I agree with you about Matt. I've always loved his look, but they've played him as token mystery colored boy in all those wack twink movies and he lost his charm. I love that he's on his own, and just beefing out all the place... How can I email you pictures?

Phat Brotha said...

Thanks for your comments. I can be reached at:

Mechadude2001 said...

Matthew and Cornbread. Looks like Christmas is coming early for me.

Wonder Man said...


raul415 said...

I feel kinda the same except it not about race per se. The problem is that Rush was with Falcon and their film are shade passionless. His race (biracial in fact) was not used at Falcon.

As for this film itself while it nice to see a flip flop scene the 2 guys don't seem to connect in a charged sex up way.

It's good to see Rush free and doing lots of things with that big muscle booty!