Wednesday, March 3, 2010



raulito said...

Don't you just hate those anorexic, scrawny runway models?
and they are shaved or use depilatories. It is so far from the true male that it is pathetic.
I like them beefy, hairy, masculine. And if they happen to be bottoms, so much the better for me.
love your blog.

The Infamous Brandon T said...

Aye papi chulo! This big papi got me speaking some spanish! Oy mi cato mi gusto por el culo eh penin grande!

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Anonymous said...

Damn!!! I think I died and gone to heaven, this papi is hot!!! Need 2 see more of him.

scott said...

Such a truly fine specimen of masculine sexuality. Don't know why folks like twinks cause this guy definitely has it all going for him.