Saturday, April 3, 2010

Freestyling Rick

The video is quick. The rap is cool and smooth. And Rick is trying to project some sex appeal as he always does. I think Rick is one of the most comfortable big rappers EVER when it comes to taking off his clothes.


Anonymous said...

No FATMAN Scoop? :)

He'll show his belly in a heart beat.

Whitaker said...

He sho luv the word nigga and I'm not feelin that. Nice beats tho.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter

Gummi Bare

Phat Brotha said...

Thanks Gummi Bare. Happy Easter to you too.

Phat Brotha said...

Gummi Bare, yeah Fatman Scoop is definitely loose with his clothing too. I forgot him.

Not to be ugly though - because I try to celebrate big men of color of all sizes - but while Fatman is entertaining - he is not physically appealing to me.

Maybe that is why I forgot him. LOL!

POLOBEAR1975 said...

Man, I need his nipples on a plate...I love Ross...and naw Phat Brotha, Fatman Scoop is not physically attractive in the least