Tuesday, May 18, 2010


His stomach tat proclaims him "$sexy".


Anonymous said...

umm ok

Phat Brotha said...

^LOL. I agree.

Suckable? Fuckable? Very much so.

"Sexy"? Not so much - at least from the photos, but he is nice and thick in all the right places.

BTW, to me...animal print is a dead giveway to people who are trying to give off a "sexy vibe" of themselves or are either animal lovers.

I hate animal print, but I love thick men.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. "Sexy" is not really sexy, he's being tacky and a bit crad. Then again, I'll give him the best head game ever while giving him some of the most delicious ass ever. I'll upgrade his "sexy" game in no time, and that's no ego or bragging there. LOL!