Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anwar El-Sayed

Anwar El-Sayed

I have always found Arab men intriguing - particularly one's of color.

This is a true story. .......While in college a small particle of some sort from the environs blew into my eye just before class. I ducked into a men's room located in a campus building to flush out the particle, but struggled to get it out with a water rinse. It was aggravating to say the least. Then entered into the men's restroom a very striking, handsome Arab man with a smooth sandy brown complexion, medium build and slight Arabic accent. A student on his way to class too, he observed me trying to flush out my corrupted eyeball and offered to help - and yes, I was desperate - so I welcomed the assistance.

He came towards me, advised me to relax and with the gentlest approach and touch he blew softly into my eye. When it didn't work at first, he did it again and the particle went somewhere that I didn't care; and needless to say I was no good in class that day. I had a new hero and eye doctor.

After class, I dashed into the building's atrium hoping that I could "bump" into him again. I had hoped to get to know him better (in a platonic way, of course). Well, my eyeballs just about came out of their sockets altogether when he met up with FISH - a lovely black sister who apparently was his girlfriend. I guess she was getting her eyes, ears and other places blown into by this gorgeous man because she had a big smile on her face when they met up.

Talk about "Gone with the Wind".


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Hot man. LOL@story. Maybe next time.