Monday, November 29, 2010

Manuel Romero

About three weeks ago, I received a very polite email from a reader who informed me the 'Phat Brotha of the Week' (side panel) was not of Mario Borelli, but was of Manuel Romero - a Venezuelan bodybuilder who is making all kinds of waves in the bodybuilding industry.

Not Mario? (Okay, I know I can be a little obsessed with Mr. Waters.) But the similarity between the two men is so uncanny.

Well, I did some research on Mr. Romero, and he is impressive indeed. Young, but impressive. I am reminded of the 80's disco tune, "So Many Men, So Little Time". Where have I been? Thanks reader for dropping the info.

Name: Manuel Romero
Location: Caracas,Venezuela
Born: January 20, 1983
Height: 185cm (6´6)
Weight Off-Season: 280 – 300 pounds

Bonus Pic:

Bonus Video:


Anonymous said...

Bodybuilders don't usually do it for me, but dayum . . . 6'6" and 280 lbs - I think I'm in love. This dude is hot ta def!

Anonymous said...

Also . . . has anyone seen ep 9 of Fantasia for Real? Teeny goes to Vegas and gets his super-phyne-wide-thick bodyguard (Hank) to strip down to his undies and walk the strip.

There are some pics at this link:

But the best screencaps aren't posted. You need the full leg-ass-dick view. OMG!

Anonymous said...

Have Mercy!

Brandon T. said...

Manuel Romero's legs are huge! Daymn!

Anonymous said...

Yup! Manuel Romero does bear an uncanny resemblance to Mario Borelli! Both are muscle mammoths and they're damn handsome.
But we've seen Mario's battering ram between his awesome thighs! Manuel hasn't shown us his! Not yet.

Anonymous said...

Manuel will do. Someday. Another vzlan bodybuilder did (Edward Duque). Hope Manuel will do!