Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alan Bailey

I've posted photos of this phine brotha in the past - he's also known as Alan Desmond - but these newer photos had me a little distracted and perplexed by the equally physically phine brotha in the background. Dude is busy down in his hideaway area. WTF is he doing?

If you have an iPhone, any smart phone or a picture magnifying program - magnify the photos for a closer experience.

You be the judge.
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kezster said...

i admit i like alan a very sexy guy i didnt notice but u are def right ... is that normal at shows someone "adjusting"? looks more than that! lol

Brandon T. said...

Alan's spectator is probably "adjusting" himself *sideeye at the spectator* Anyway, still love the blog though. *muah*

Jay said...

LOL! I ain't mad at him. Thanks for posting the pics. I love seeing a hot guy adjusting himself. Remember the good old days when guys would grab their crotch all time just walking down the street.

I'm the ultimate crotch watcher......:o).

Anonymous said...

y like his ass

Anonymous said...

what idiots that is not Alan and he doesn't have tats.. nor is he interested in the bs people use is a crime