Sunday, September 4, 2011

David Reivers: Hot Dog Commercial

The King (literally and figuratively) of commercials is back. Have you seen David Reivers' latest commercial? A larger Reivers is playing a "daddy" in Oscar Mayer's recent "Power's Out" commercial. Check it out. Even with his weight gain and bigger sexy belly, this is still a handsome, sexy, phat brotha. Wouldn't you love for this daddy to turn out your lights, and serve you a weenie? I wish I were had an Oscar Mayer wiener.


Anonymous said...

He is Extremely Sexy to Me!

Anonymous said...

Your caption under the video was funny! BTW, I really haven't noticed Corbin Blew's father's weight gain at all. Corbin's father being David Reivers (just a little side info). He is a sexy guy though

~Brandon T.~