Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big Kahunas

I just found out the National Football League's Pro Bulge Bowl is airing tonight on ESPN. WTF? This move by the N.F.L. doesn't make sense. One week before the SuperBowl? I don't blame Pro-Bowlers from the New Orleans Saints or Indianapolis Colts for not playing tonight in Miami. Why risk an injury when you are trying to get the ultimate prizes - that championship ring and trophy.

I do agree with the decision to move the Pro Bowl to the Mainland - instead of Hawaii. Looks like the big kahunas won't be getting leid in Hawaii this year.


Anonymous said...

Them two bitches should down on they knees wit their faces pressed on them two Niggazs bulges.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to watch the game to see who is the best: the AFC or the NFC. Of course, I like the AFC but being from Louisiana, I'm rooting for the unsung heroes, the New Orleans Saints. Who Dat! LOL